James Cracknell's Marathon Des Sable
A fabulous documentary that shows the challenge of managing heat stress. It shows
the mental and physical challenges that this involves. James tests out the drinks and
nutrition and the psychology of how diet influences performance is very interesting.
Youtube and social media are fabulous ways of sharing information. There are so many fabulous clips and programmes available. The only thing I find it knowing
whether they are any good. And so what I have done is selected a few videos, and provided a brief comment on why this is useful.

If you know of good videos, then get in touch. Use the link to share your ideas and we can discuss it further.
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Greg Whyte achieve the impossible
Greg has recently authored a fabulous self-help book called achieve the
impossible. He has worked with celebrity athletes and of course, conducted a
great deal of research with us. See
Greg's website
Billy Schwer mental boxing
An inspiring talk that draws links between the mindset needed to be a world
champion; resilience, determination... and apply that to achieving goals in
everyday life...
The next time the voice in your head says "I cant", remember this video which says
"you can!"
Achieve the Impossible!

Endurance Training and
Mental Toughness for Long
Distance Swimming.
Systematic endurance
training strategies are
presented to help
long-distance and open-water
swimmers to develop
physical and mental
toughness, set goals and
manage their emotions.
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Marathon Training: distance
running in the North Pole
North Pole Marathon: how to
cope in cold weather
With temperatures ranging
from -10 to -35°C, running the
North Pole marathon is a
huge challenge. Andy Lane
and Tracey Devonport explain
how to prepare for such
events using data from a
recent successful case study.
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Sports psychology:
developing a positive attitude
towards pressure will
improve performance
The psychological states
associated with peak
performance and how to
achieve them regularly.
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Boxing: the psychology
behind a successful boxer
Successful boxers must
desensitise themselves to the
effects of inflicting injury and
accept personal risks each
time they compete.
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Sports Psychology:
endurance training.
your mind to help with
endurance training.

Mental training
How to change negative

Managing training intensity..
avoiding overtraining

Do sports products help?
Winning lane